Can YOU Be an Active Mom?

The early years of motherhood call for you to be at the top of your game.

Finding a balance between family, work and time for yourself can be challenging.

Young children require a lot of attention, not to mention your busy job and other

endeavors. In order to have enough energy to combine all these aspects of your

life, you should feel comfortable and confident in your own body.

The Mom in Balance Outdoor Fitness Program was conceptualized by

Esther van Diepen (a mom of 4 kids) during the time she spent living in New York

in where she had the opportunity to work with several experts in the field of

pregnancy and post-partum fitness. Esther launched Mom in Balance upon her

return to the Netherlands in 2008. Mom in Balance works together with researchers

and a multidisciplinary work-group to maintain standard guidelines/workout

programs in the field of Sport and Pregnancy. Since the startup Mom in Balance

has grown rapidly world wide with the headquarters being located in the

Netherlands. Each week more than 5,000 women take part in the workouts.

The mission behind the Mom in Balance Workout Program is to help as many

(soon-to-be) mothers feel physically strong and full of energy, better equipping

them to fully enjoy motherhood. We do this together with a team of motivated and

enthusiastic trainers, as well as other active mothers.

Here in the North Atlanta area, Mom in Balance is running 3 specific fitness

programs and reaching more and more women year round.

Pregnancy Trainings are geared toward the most challenging nine months of your

life where your whole body is dedicated to letting your baby grow. Goals: keep you

fit, strong and energetic during your pregnancy so you will be well prepared for

giving birth!

Back in Shape Trainings are designed to make you feel strong, renew your

energy and restore balance to your life. With the Back in Shape workouts,

professional trainers will help you recover and get in shape safely after giving


Mom in Shape Trainings are designed for all moms. Life is busy, but it is still

important to take time for yourself. Our boot camp style workouts are designed to

give you high levels of energy and help you develop a strong/healthy body.

If you would like to experience a Mom in Balance training yourself while joining

other fit moms you can sign up for a FREE workout at any of our locations right

here using the code “MOMFREE”.

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