Healing takes TIME and REPETITION

We live in a society that is constantly in a rush, wanting more time for certain things and as little time spent on others. Let’s talk about how this relates to peoples’ health. Most people don’t take care of their health, their bodies, mental health, emotional health, spiritual health, etc. They don’t take care of it until something happens, like when symptoms arrive. It may start with back pain, neck pain, or something more serious. But the body will let us know when something isn’t working properly and it’s up to us to listen. These aches and pains are the bodies way of saying something isn’t functioning properly, so FIX IT! Now, this is the point where we have options, do you pop a pill to make the symptom feel better, or do you find out what the root cause to the back pain is? Most would want the INSTANT gratification of the magic pill. We know there is no staying stagnant with your health, it’s either improving, or declining. So is masking the symptoms and moving on with our lives as if nothing ever happened moving us toward health and healing, or toward decline and break down? Well, if you think the pill is making you healthier, we have a whole other conversation that needs to take place. Now imagine that your body is trying to tell you something is wrong (like a fire alarm in your house) and you mask the symptom with medication (or go over to the fire alarm and press the button to stop the alarm). Eventually, if we ignore the bodies alarm, the building is going to collapse. It’s not uncommon for people to come into the office with neck pain, and we find that their nervous system isn’t functioning properly, they have 20 years of degeneration in their spine, and their organs aren’t functioning properly. It takes time and repetition to heal. Really if we think about it, not many things worth having and immediate. We work 10-20 years for that amazing promotion at work, we practice a sport multiple times a week to get better, we work out 4-6 days a week to be healthy, we eat right everyday to make sure our body has the nutrients to be healthy, so why do we think it works differently for our body’s health? Stay tuned to our BLOG, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube where we will be diving deep into ways to proactively take control of your health and not be reactive once things start going wrong!

Best – Dr. Steve

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