Chiropractic Testimonials


Gloria came to see Lako Family Chiropractic to help alleviate her symptoms, which included sciatica, hip bursitis, and lower back pain. For 25 years, she tried many different modalities, including chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, and medical doctors. Epidural injections only helped for a short while, while the acupuncture did not help at all. Due to her experience, she was skeptical that principled chiropractic could help her, but she has become a believer! Her first impression of LFC was that it is a cheerful, modern office. She was impressed by the Activator technique- there is no twisting or popping involved! Gloria appreciates that the doctor explains and answers all her questions. She has seen tremendous decreases in her symptoms and an increase in ability to do the things she was once unable to do.

“The doctors and staff are very caring; they are concerned about the whole body and not only my back and spine problems. I would recommend this office to everyone!”

Back Pain

Cristina suffered with severe neck and mid-back pain for 6-8 months before seeking out care at Lako Family Chiropractic. Her pain was so significant that it would wake her up at night, and she could not sit for extended periods of time. Cristina was comfortable at LFC because it is nice, clean, and modern, and the service is pleasant and professional. She was so impressed that she saw a decrease in her pain after just one visit! Today, she is a firm believer in principled chiropractic care due to her continued positive experience.

“LFC is a great chiropractic office and a wonderful team!”

Numbness/Tingling/Weakness in Extremeties

Robert’s low back pain and numbness in his right leg were extremely intense for 3 years. As a barber, it significantly affected his quality of life and ability to work because it hurt to stand up straight. He was referred to LFC by an existing practice member, but was skeptical because he was, at the time, under chiropractic care. “The results were null at my previous chiropractor’s office because he did not address the real cause of the problem.” He was nervous that chiropractic care would not be able to help him, and that seeing a neurologist was the next step. However, Robert could tell a huge difference with the LFC team compared to what he experienced in the past. “I was very impressed with the consultation and exam. The detail paid to my situation and the tests that were preformed were outstanding, especially the Nerve Assessment.” After just one month of care, Robert could stand up straighter at work and his low back pain subsided significantly.

“I would absolutely recommend this chiropractic practice to others.”

“I have had chronic pain for over 7 years. My symptoms were left neck pain with left arm muscle weakness and fatigue, chronic lower and upper back pain, chronic fatigue, migraines, memory fog, focus difficulties, vertigo, restless legs, difficulty sleeping, and depression. I started seeing doctors and getting x-rays and MRIs in 2010. I was diagnosed with Spondylosis, facet joint arthropathy, multilevel disc and osteophyte complexes, retrolisthesis, degenerative disc disease, and a disc bulge. The pain, fatigue, and depression started to affect my activities of daily living and my daily routines. I went to many doctors and sought many treatments to no avail. In 2016, I met with a neurosurgeon and we scheduled a spinal fusion surgery. I went to get a second opinion, and that doctor told me that I would always be in pain. He instructed me to stay active, continue steroid injections, and take pain medication. By the time I met Drs. Steve and Lotem, I was at the end of my rope. After the initial exam at Lako Family Chiropractic, I was excited and hopeful to not only have pain relief but also better health. The tour of their office, their resources, explanation of treatment plan, and their orientation class were all extremely inspiring. After one month of care, my neck pain was improved by 85% and my vertigo/dizziness was disappearing. Within 2 months of care, the pain improved by 90-95%. My back pain has improved, but is still a work in progress. My strength and endurance have improved greatly! My husband also sees Drs. Lako for back and shoulder issues, and chiropractic care has helped him as well. I continue to inform and recommend Lako Family Chiropractic to friends and family. I can’t say enough about how pleased, hopeful, and grateful I am to be a practice member of Dr. Steve and Dr. Lotem. They work together as a team for all their practice members, taking time to evaluate, educate, explain treatments, results, and listen to any concerns you have.”

- Laura M.

Post Surgical

“For 4 years, I had low back pain if I walked without my cane. I tried seeing a chiropractor, physical therapist, and orthopedist to no avail. One year ago, the pain became so severe that I decided to have spinal fusion surgery to fuse L4 and L5. I was skeptical that this office could offer me something different than my last experience, but I was blown away when after 4 adjustments, I was able to come off of anti-inflammatory drugs and I completely stopped using my cane to walk! I have not used my cane since beginning at Lako Family Chiropractic. I would tell anyone to see LFC before considering an operation, and if they’ve already had one, I would highly recommend going to see them post-surgery as well. They are very client-friendly, and each time, I feel that I am receiving the most current, state-of-the-art chiropractic care.”

- Jerry D.


“My wife, three young daughters, and me moved to Georgia from Florida this year. We were under the care of a chiropractor there, but had not found a great one in Georgia until finding Lako Family Chiropractic at the Roswell Farmer’s Market. I started under care for general, overall health, but at the time, I was also experiencing frequent headaches that had been occurring for 6 months. I never had any doubts that principled chiropractic care could help me and my family. My first impressions of LFC and the staff were that they are very well spoke and professional. You can tell they care about you as an individual. The office is phenomenal and extremely family-oriented. Since starting care two months ago, my headaches are almost completely gone! I would absolutely recommend principled chiropractic care, and specifically Lako Family Chiropractic to others. It’s like eating healthy; it certainly helps when you do it time-to-time, but it is highly beneficial it is a part of your lifestyle.”

- Adam W.

Minor Aches/Pains/Didn't think they needed care

“I only had minor aches and pains off and on for 5 years, mainly after working out. I never sought out treatment for these issues because I considered them to be ‘normal,’ but I did take Advil as necessary. My first impressions of the office were that it was very clean, neat, hygienic, positive, and upbeat. Doctors Lako are very friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and they constantly pursue continuing education to make sure they are on the cutting edge of their industry. Since starting care, I have stopped taking Advil. I have experienced tremendous results- my knee pain went away, as well as my neck pain. My spine is much straighter, and even after intense workouts, I am not in pain. I had a few doubts that chiropractic care could help me because I truly didn’t think I needed it. My wife is also under care, as we were hoping that removing her subluxations would aid in her frozen shoulder symptoms, and her improvement has been astronomical. The Lakos are phenomenal! They have helped me and my wife immeasurably. The best thing about their chiropractic adjustments is that they fix the root cause of the problems, not just the symptoms, and that we don’t have to take any harmful drugs or do any unnecessary surgeries.”

- Joe I.


“When I first came to see Lako Family Chiropractic, I had neck pain, shoulder fatigue, asthma, allergies, ear pain, and chronic sinus infection. I had been suffering with these ongoing symptoms for most of my life, but the symptoms got worse over the last 2 years. The issues kept me from exercising and affected my job performance. My shoulders would get tired holding my sister’s kids. Since beginning care at LFC, I have been able to reduce my use of Singulair and have completely stopped taking any sort of pain reliever such as Advil or Motrin because I have very little to no neck pain! I am able to do intense exercise 5-6 days a week! This allergy season has also been A LOT more mild for me, symptomatically. I love this office because it’s nice and calm and quiet. I liked that you had to attend the Doctor’s Report and get educated before even getting adjusted. My husband and I love LFC and would definitely recommend them to anyone!“

- DeAndra W.

Frozen Shoulder

“I came to see Drs. Lako due to chronic pain all throughout my right side, and frozen shoulder symptoms. I had experienced this pain for one year, and I was at a 10 out of 10 level of pain. It had gotten to the point that I was crying almost every day. After first consulting with Drs. Lako, I felt very comfortable with them. They are very professional, kind, and caring doctors, and the office has a very cute atmosphere. Since starting care about 5 months ago, I have felt so much better, emotionally and physically. I have been able to stop using the pain reliever Naproxen and Advil due to the relief I feel. The wealth of knowledge we get at this office has helped us so much, and I would absolutely recommend this office to anyone not functioning at their best.”

- Deana I.

Hip/Neck/Back Pain

"For years I had some major shooting pain in my hips, neck, and lower back that would often cause migraines. Sometimes the pains would be so severe that I had great difficulty working and with driving! I found myself taking Excedrin and Tylenol regularly. Multiple friends of mine suggested chiropractic care.

I was skeptical, but I trusted them so I figured I’d be hopeful and give it a try. My tensions were put at ease as I entered the positive environment of Dr. Lako’s Office. They always ensured that I am well educated on what they are doing and why, and I know that as my doctor they are truly listening to me.

Since I have been under regular care, I have stopped having the sharp pains and I rarely find myself in “crisis mode” anymore! I love that Drs. Lako are flexible to work at meeting my needs, and also that they carry a great concern for my wellbeing! They truly work with me on every possible aspect to ensure that I can get the best care and be in my best health!"

- Stewart A.

Child Asthma & Allergies

"My son, (now 14), suffered from a plethora of allergies, asthma, and sinus issues. He was on a lot of strong medications on a regular basis. He took Singular, Claritin, Astelin, Nasalcrom, Nasonex, Albuterol, Advair, and even regular allergy shots!

Relying on pills was no way for a child to live! However, after being under consistent chiropractic care, his overall health had greatly changed! After a year of being under Dr. Lako’s care, I took my son back to the allergist for full diagnostic testing. His results were all negative! No signs of allergies!! It was such a surprise that they even applied histamine to check that the test was valid. Now, he no longer takes any of those previously mentioned medications!

When I started with Dr. Steve and Dr. Lotem, I knew absolutely nothing about chiropractic care. Now, I find myself in awe of the heightened quality of life that it has provided for my family and me. Not to mention the huge amounts of money I have saved! I never get sick anymore, and I even work in a school where sickness and germs are rampant! I always recommend Drs. Lako and chiropractic care to people I see suffering. It is just the best option for chiropractic care!"

- Claire W.


“I can’t thank Dr. Lotem and Dr. Steve enough for the amazing care plan they created for me because it has truly worked!  Before I became a patient, I was having severe fibromyalgia flare-ups which was causing me foot pain that lasted for several weeks and I had trouble walking.  As a Holistic Health Coach, it’s really important to me to treat my body naturally and I knew I needed to get under care right away.   When Dr. Lotem said I would be visiting three times a week for 6 weeks, I was a little nervous to be honest.  Other chiropractors told me to come in when I felt I needed it and I realize now why that never worked.  In just three visits, the foot pain that I had for 8 weeks was gone!  The low back pain disappeared as well.  Every visit brings increased wellness to me and I was actually sad when I “graduated” to visiting one time per week because going there is always a great part of my day.

Dr. Lotem and Dr. Steve are two of the most incredible people I have ever met.  They are down to earth, funny, knowledgeable, honest, sensitive and really on top of the latest techniques in chiropractic care which includes using an activator – a tiny pen-like tool that pushes gently on the bones and muscles.  This is not your dad’s chiropractor!  It’s such a relief to have these gentle techniques for sensitive people like me who do not like to be contorted and manually adjusted.  I urge everyone I know to visit them to find out more about how they can radically improve their health.

I’m looking forward to my continued care at LFC and I’m so grateful to have them on my team to become a healthier person!”

- Nancy W.

High Blood Pressure

"For years before coming to Lako Family Chiropractic, I was stressed out, tensed up and unable to relax and let go of the day. My mind was constantly racing. This took its toll on my physical well-being forcing my blood pressure up at times. My primary care doctor prescribed blood pressure medication.

Then a friend recommended that I see Dr. Lako. It was immediately apparent that Dr. Lako is genuine and has a call on her life to lead and care for people. The day after my FIRST adjustment I had a check-up with my primary doctor and my blood pressure was back to a normal 120/84!

Now I recommend chiropractic to all of my friends who are suffering and I know that there are 3 things needed for health: Normally working nervous system, normally working digestive system and good food! That’s it! And there is no one I trust more than Drs. Lako to keep my nervous system at its best!"

- Nate G.

Insomnia/Low Back Pain

"For years I could not sit or stand at all without experiencing chronic lower back and shoulder pain. I also suffered from persistent insomnia. I had been to physical therapy, but it did not give me true relief at all.

At first, I had a few doubts about chiropractic care; however, I was comforted in how warm and professional Drs. Lako and the practice was. After being under chiropractic care, I no longer have pain and I am able to sleep through the night! Overall, Chiropractic care has given me a better life and wellbeing!"

- George K.

Depression & Leg Numbness

"I first came to LFC for pain and numbness in my lower leg that was so bad I could barely walk. The office was very welcoming and a safe place, as well as professional. After one adjustment with Dr. Steve, my foot pain immediately improved. Dr. Steve took the time to teach me about the connection between the spine, the nervous system and the rest of the body; it made a lot of sense.

Since being educated on chiropractic, I have also sought care for sinus problems, low back pain, an underactive pituitary gland causing low testosterone, depression and anxiety. My medical doctors had me on Zyrtec, Flonase, Clomid, testosterone injection, Zoloft. Now I ONLY use Mucinex on the rare occasion that I have sinus issues (that are not taken care of with an adjustment), and I am on the lowest dose available of the Zoloft.

When I first came to Dr. Lako, I was extremely skeptical, but all those doubts have been overcome by the results I have experienced. Now my whole family and a number of friends that I have referred all get regular care in Dr. Lako’s office. I also believe chiropractic played a big part in healing my daughter from a life-threatening dairy allergy.

Dr. Lako truly cares about all Practice Members and devotes themselves to helping them!!!"

- Jennifer W.

Pregnancy & Family Care

"Drs. Lako has been taking care of the family for over 3 years now and we have seen significant changes in our health! Some examples of the changes are as follows: my son has not had any issues with his asthma for the last 3 years. My kids have not been sick and the only time they go to their other doctors has been for their yearly exams!

This past year, Drs. Lako cared for me during my 3rd pregnancy. My pregnancy was considered high risk because of my age (41). Well, due to consistent chiropractic care, I had no major issues! As a matter of fact, my last delivery was a better experience than the other two! I had a natural birth and delivered the baby within 10 minutes of arriving to the hospital! And neither my son, nor I received any medication during our stay! I contribute all of these things to my chiropractic care plan and Drs. Lako.

On behalf of our family, we like to say THANK YOU to Dr. Steve and Dr. Lotem for guiding us in a healthier longer life. We consider our doctor as family and we look forward to seeing them every week!"

- Lizzie C.

Menstrual Issues & Low Back Pain

"For years I have struggled with lower back, hip, neck, shoulder, and foot pain as well as acid reflux and an inconsistent menstrual cycle. I sought relief through physical therapists, an obstetrician and even medications; however, none fixed the problems I suffered with on a regular basis.

When I first came into Dr. Lako’s office, I wasn’t sure it was for me. My obstetrician had hold me that I was in menopause, so I had just come to terms with it. However, after just 2 months of chiropractic care, all of my aliments seemed to disappear! My menstrual cycle returned, the acid reflux stopped, and my back, neck, and hip were all pain free!

Today, I have total trust in chiropractic and I am committed to my personal care plan for life long wellness! Thank you Lako Family Chiropractic for everything you do!!"

- Jessica P.

“I had a pinched nerve on the right side of my neck and sciatica down the ride side of my leg for two years! Due to this, I experienced multiple back spasms and terrible migraines on the right side of my head. Other than being prescribed medicine to manage the pain by my MD, I never sought out any other types of treatments for my ailments. When I first came to LFC, I thought the office was great. The staff was very welcoming and informative. They made me feel as if I was part of their family. I had absolutely no doubts what-so-ever that principled chiropractic care could help me. Under care, I have been able to reduce or eliminate the use of Ibuprofen and Hydrocodone. I have no more neck and back pain and my sciatic pain is gone as well! Chiropractic care is the best way to go for back pain. I have avoided taking many pain medications just be receiving adjustments twice a week. This was the best decision that me and my family could have ever made.”

- Jessena W.

Developmental Milestones

“My daughter and I started seeing Dr. Lako when my daughter was 8 months old. She was delayed in certain milestones, including crawling. She and I both started going twice weekly, and within just a few weeks, she was crawling like she had been doing it all her life! We have been getting adjusted weekly since then and I’m happier, healthier, and more in-tuned with my body than I’ve ever been! I really like Drs. Lako because they genuinely care about the patients they’re seeing. They spend time educating their patients about whatever issues/needs they might have, and that is something that is rare to find and very important to me. They’re great with children and seeing them is always a joy. I’m so grateful to have someone the whole family loves!”

- Becca D.

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