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Subluxation in Roswell GA

What is it?

The human body is a massively intelligent system. Each of us is born with an innate wisdom that allows our body to heal itself! For instance, if you cut your finger, after a few days, a scab will form and within a week, you should be all healed up. But something in our bodies has to coordinate these actions. That is the job of the Nervous System (NS), which is at the core of our body. It teams up with the immune system in order to create optimal responses for the body to adapt and heal correctly. When your spine is in perfect alignment, your NS and immune system can communicate effectively, and therefore, help your body remain in the best health possible. However, when it’s out of alignment, the opposite occurs, and your body will quickly begin to experience signs of disease, illness and other preventable ailments. When the misalignment of the spine interferes with nervous system functioning, we refer to that as a subluxation. That is the focus of what we look for in our office.

What can cause these misalignments?

  • Traumatic events can occur in childhood like falling off a horse or out of a tree
  • The birthing process, when the head is pulled to birth the child
  • Childhood traumas such as in learning to crawl, walk or ride a bike
  • Skiing, skateboards, boats and wake-boards, football, soccer, basketball and baseball all contribute to a child's likelihood of becoming misaligned or subluxated
  • Trampolines and gymnastic endeavors
  • The ever present cell phone, cradled between the ear and shoulder producing extreme head tilting
  • The chronic forward head posture so common when young people text
  • Motor vehicle traumas
  • Moderate to severe blows to the head

Misalignments of the upper cervical spine affect the spinal cord, and therefore the central nervous system directly due to its proximity to the brainstem. That is why it is so critical to be specific and gentle when trying to correct these misalignments and why, if left uncorrected, many health problems linger.

Did you know?? There are only two vertebrae in the spine with names! The first and topmost, or C1 vertebra, is called the Atlas. This because as in Greek Mythology, Atlas held up the world, or in this case, the eight to twelve-pound super-computer brain that is encased by your skull. The second, or C-2 vertebra, is called the Axis, because it is the axis of rotation of your head and much of your neck.

How do we get rid of Subluxations?

The chiropractor’s main concern is to return the bones of the spine into proper alignment. This removes the interference from the nerve and allows the brain and the body to communicate as they should!

Subluxation Analogy

Imagine that you receive a call from your significant other. He/She is talking to you, but you only hear every other word because you have poor reception. You tell your significant other, “Hey! I can’t understand you! There must be a bad connection.” What if at that moment your significant other was telling you something vitally important and you could not understand it because there was a poor connection? That is how we view subluxations: There is a blockage of information from the brain to the body or from the body to the brain. If those two organs do not communicate properly, the body will not be able to work properly, and dis-ease takes place. Over time, dis-ease may turn into disease patterns, which is exactly what we want to avoid!

We Can Help:

Do you or your child suffer from…

  • Acid Reflux/GERD
  • ADHD
  • Asthma
  • Autism
  • Bed-Wetting
  • Bell’s Palsy
  • Breastfeeding Difficulties
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Colic
  • Constipation
  • Ear Infections
  • Growing Pains
  • Headaches
  • Infertility
  • Learning Disorders
  • Neck Pain
  • Scoliosis
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Speech Disorders
  • Torticollis
  • Tourette’s Syndrome
  • Vision Problems

There are many more! If you are interested in finding out about a specific condition not mentioned, please email, call or ask the front desk.

Addressing the Cause vs. Addressing the Symptoms

Most people decide to go to a chiropractor for some type of pain relief. Although that is definitely something we address in our office, we have come to understand that pain is the last symptom to show up and the first symptom to disappear. We use state-of-the-art technology to assess how your body is functioning , with the understanding that the nervous system is the master control system in our bodies. Pain is just the tip of the iceberg.

When a person seeks out a chiropractor and the chiropractor accepts them for care, it is vitally important that both parties have a mutual understanding of their healthcare goals. In most chiropractic offices, you will find that this goal is centered around pain and symptom relief. This is the model for relief care. Although under care, you may find that relief does ensue, this was never really the intended purpose for chiropractic. The philosophy on which chiropractic is founded rests on the main idea that our bodies have a natural, inborn ability to heal themselves. Principled chiropractors learn to analyze and locate Vertebral Subluxations, which impede the body’s self-healing abilities, and remove this interference through specific, scientific techniques. This allows your body to self-heal, self-regulate, and self-maintain, so that you are the absolute best version of yourself, functioning at 100%.

We understand that there is a difference between “symptoms” and “warning signs.” For instance, if you sprain your ankle, and you have pain in your ankle, that is a direct relationship. Your ankle hurts because there is damage to tissues in your ankle, and your body is making you aware of that. But, if a person has heart disease and has pain down their left arm, should we spend any amount of time looking at their arm? No, because that is an example of a warning sign that the body will commonly exhibit to let us know there is a problem with the heart. Vertebral Subluxations can act just the same. If you have a subluxation in your low back putting pressure on the nerves that go into your leg (a condition commonly called sciatica), we would be wasting our time if we continued to look at your leg. The leg pain is a warning sign, letting us know you have a subluxation in your low back. This is the reason why we do not directly address each symptom someone is experiencing. This pain is usually a warning sign that something is occurring neurologically in the spine and nerves, which we address via adjustments.

Chiropractic History

Although chiropractic was not officially founded until 1895, the values and philosophy that preceded chiropractic have been around for centuries.

Herodotus- The Father of History (485-425/413 BCE)

Gained fame curing diseases by correcting spinal abnormalities using therapeutic exercises. If a patient was too weak to do the exercises, Herodotus would manipulate the patient’s spine. Aristotle criticized Herodotus for not using tonics to cure disease because

Hippocrates- father of modern medicine (460-375 BCE)

“It is most necessary to know the nature of the spine. One or more of the vertebrae may or may not go out of place very much and if they do, they are likely to produce serious complications and even death, if not properly adjusted. Many diseases are related to the spine.”

“Look well to the spine for the cause of disease.”

Thomas Edison (1845- 1931)

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

Daniel David (D.D.) Palmer (1845-1913)

A magnetic healer from Davenport, Iowa, D.D. Palmer worked at his own clinic that he called the Palmer Cure and Infirmary. On September 18, 1895, D.D. was working late at his office when a noisy fire engine drove right by the office. Palmer noticed that the janitor, , paid no attention to the sirens at all. He approached Lillard and attempted to get his attention, but he did not reply. D.D. realized quickly that Harvey Lillard was deaf.

He communicated with him patiently, and through that conversation, D.D. found out that Lillard had normal hearing most of his life. Harvey explained that 17 years earlier, he bent down to pick up a bucket when he heard a loud “POP” in his back. After that, Harvey was completely deaf.

D.D. asked if he could feel Harvey’s spine. He felt that a bone in Lillard’s vertebrae was out of alignment. As he explains, “I reasoned that if that vertebra was replaced, the man’s hearing should be restored…With this object in view, a half hour’s talk persuaded Mr. Lillard to allow me to replace it. I racked it into position by using the spinous process as a lever, and soon the man could hear as before.”

Harvey Lillard’s statement in the January 1897 issue of The Chiropractic:

“I was deaf 17 years and I expected to always remain so, for I had doctored a great deal without any benefit. I had long ago made up my mind to not take any more ear treatments, for it did me no good. Last January Dr. Palmer told me that my deafness came from an injury in my spine. This was new to me; but it is a fact that my back was injured at the time I went deaf. Dr. Palmer treated me on the spine; in two treatments I could hear quite well. That was eight months ago. My hearing remains good.”

​D.D. Palmer opened the Palmer School of Infirmary of Chiropractic and accepted his first students in 1898.

Bartlett Joshua (B.J.) Palmer (1882-1961)

The son of D.D. Palmer, B.J. is attributed the title “developer of chiropractic” because he continues his father’s work. He graduated from the Palmer school in 1902 and played an integral part in getting chiropractic recognized as a ‘separate and distinct profession.’

He took his father’s original understanding and concepts and elaborated on them thoroughly. B.J. studied cadavers endlessly to understand the human frame and its connection to our nerve system. He developed a theory known as H.I.O (hole in one), which is the predecessor to today’s Upper Cervical techniques.

The chiropractic profession has changed and evolved through the years, but the principles of this distinct healing method remain the same today as they were 100 years ago:

  • The body is a self-healing organism.
  • The nervous system controls and coordinates every organ, tissue, and cell of the body.
  • The relationship between the spine and the nerve system is a predictor for the state of health.
  • Find the interference, correct it, and the body will always move back toward health.

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